May 5th, 2007
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Well, it was an anti-climatic day in the Guatemalan congress on May 2nd. I reported on May 1st about two adoption proposals that were to be addressed: the Hague and the Ortega Law. In conclusion, a proposal that would reinstate the Hague Convention was not read, and the Ortega Law was not approved. According to Susana Luarca at ADA, it will be August before either proposal can be presented again.

I couldn’t help but sigh with temporary relief when I read this. However, with the clocks just a ticking until the US ratifies the Hague, I wish that a good solution to the adoption crisis would be found and put into effect quickly, so that no child’s adoption will be delayed a nano second longer than it has to be.


Also from the ADA is an interesting point brought up by Susana. Apparently the recent changes to the PGN process issued by the Attorney General are illegal and cannot be enforced. The Attorney General does not have the powers of the State, and therefore cannot pass laws that must be obeyed. There is a copy of the changes proposed by the Attorney General on this blog.

Susana does an outstanding job of keeping us up to date on the status of Guatemalan adoptions, as well as keeping a close eye on all matters related to adoption and constitutional law in Guatemala.

The US was reminded once again that adoption corruption happens in our country as well. Simone Boraggina and Joseph Beauvais from Waiting Angels Adoption Agency in Michigan were arrested for adoption fraud. An article in a Detroit newspaper reports that these shameless rogues allegedly stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from innocent, hopeful people wanting to adopt from Guatemala. The adoptions did not take place, but they pocketed the money. Four couples from Michigan and six couples from other states were victims of this crime. Boraggina and Beauvais face up to twenty years in jail; I hope they get the maximum sentence.

Please take the time to read David K’s advise on choosing an adoption agency, as well as joining the adoption agency research forum before you choose an agency. This can save a lot of pain and frustration.

Recently after reporting on holdups in getting “pink” from the US Embassy, I received an email from S about her holdup. It was the end of April, and her file had been in the embassy since the middle of March. I was delighted to hear from her the other day; they have “pink” and their appointment is on May 11th. Wonderful news and congratultions to S and her family!

These holdups are very alarming. After trudging through DNA samples, Family Court, PreApproval, and last but not least, PGN, parents are at their wits end. Unexpected holdups in the US Embassy are like a slap in the face. These holdups are becoming more common now, as adoption files are being scrutinized closely, but a responsible agency and lawyer will keep on top of things and know why you are being heldup.

In Guatemalan news, I was more than disappointed to read that Rios Montt will not be persecuted for his crimes against the Guatemalan people. Having officially registered as a congressional candidate, he will have immunity from prosecution.

That’s a wrap. Have a wonderful and safe weekend.


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