March 3rd, 2006
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Restaurant Name: Sarita
Location: Guatemala City, San Cristobal, Antigua, Quetzaltenango
Hours: Varies
Cost: $0.75-$2.50/person
Moose’s Delight: Strawberry Milkshake

I’m really a chocolate milkshake kind of guy. I’m not really big on change when it comes to food. Especially when the change comes to desserts. However, I’m not sure anything at Sarita would be disagreeable to me. Even if your not a milkshake person, there is plenty for you to find to cool down your day at Sarita. Wikipedia lists Sarita as the “Baskin Robbins” of Guatemala.

Sarita is not unlike any common ice cream store in the US. However, it seemed that whenever we had a great desire for something cold and good, there it was. Every city we traveled to had at least one Sarita somewhere waiting to be found. Not one we visited had a dining area for customers. The most that was offered was a park like bench in Antigua and some plastic lawnchairs outside in San Cristobal.


The Sarita in San Cristobal is the one we truly fell in love with. For months, Kristina would make a trip to Sarita the highlight of her week. Mia would get her shoes put on and be strapped in the stroller.Mom and Mias Treat (c) 2006 Cody L Mummau Then began the 8-10 minute walk up Boulevard Sur to the Sarita. Each time Kristina would order a “Milkshake Fresa.” She would drink the milkshake casually while sharing it with Mia and sitting on the plastic chairs. This was a definite time of release for her. Fortunately we have shots of the Sarita where she spent so much time so that she can remember those warm afternoons. I was fortunate to join her for a few excursions where I found a new favorite.

When you make it to Guatemala, find a Sarita near you and take a break. Remember though, you’ll need to find a place to eat it. Enjoy!

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  1. danny3036 says:

    Hi my name is Daniel

    and my grandparents own Sarita. They take great pride in producing ice cream and food with the best quality and care. i am really happy that sarita was spoken highly off in ur trackbacks it seems like there hard work has payed off

    thanks danny

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