June 23rd, 2006
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Location: Final de la Avenida Simeón Cañas, Zona 2, (Parque Minerva), Ciudad de Guatemala, 1002
Phone: 502 254 1114
Website: www.mapaenrelieve.org
Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm Daily
Cost: Q12.00 or approx $1.50

I first visited the Mapa En Relieve when I was 14 on a missions trip to Guatemala. My youth director was from Guatemala and took us on a trip to work with his church in Guatemala City. Each of the kids was paired with another kid in the group and we stayed with a member of the church. The Vasquez family was so great as they made it their mission to be sure my friend and I saw as much of Guatemala City as possible in our free time.


View from the Tower (c) 2005 Cody L MummauI remember that Saturday they said we were going to see a big map. I couldn’t help but leap for joy ~said with a hint of sarcasm~ at the notion of spending an afternoon looking at a map. However when we arrived I was blown away! This map is absolutely incredible. It stretches for what looks like a city block. You have to climb up in the towers beside it to look down upon it and take it all in. The detail of the lakes and volcanoes is so great. It is amazing to see how rugged the country you are in truly is.

In subsequent years as I returned with groups of my own we saw many things but I always wanted to return to the Mapa En Relieve. On my final visit before bringing Kristina and Mia home with me, we hopped in a car and ventured out with only two things to ask “Donde esta Parque Minerva”
and “Donde esta mapa en relieve?” Locals were eager to point this way and that. In general we did real well and suddenly we were on a very wide street that I recognized. Next to the Mapa En Relieve is a baseball stadium and a small carinal type area. The map is behind a fence but it is easily found because of it’s size and the towers that rise above the fence.

The Relief Map in Minerva Park (c) 2005 Cody L MummauMia absolutely loved running around the sidewalk by the map and climbing the steps in the tower. I loved returning to the map again. Even Kristina admitted that it was pretty cool as well.

Minerva park has a great history, much of which was destroyed in earthquakes back in the 70′s. However, it is a fairly easy trip by cab to get there and it would make for an enjoyable afternoon.

By the way, if you have been there, leave a note here to tell us what you thought (whether you liked it or you didn’t ;-) Thanks!

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